Well, so the world didnít endÖ YET.The Bible says itís going to end someday, nobody knows when (thereís a clue for you Ė any time someone says they KNOW, that means they DONíT) so be prepared.Click HERE if you want to be on the side that wins.SPOILER ALERT: I peeked at the last book of the Bible and Jesus is going to kick butt!


Say hello to Alice, my 8lb 2oz granddaughter:


Sheís one day old in this picture.Ainít she cute?As someone I know says often, grandchildren are Godís gift to us as a reward for not killing our own children J


Itís finally published!!!



A funny, inspirational story of growing up in America, finding God (or being found BY Him), written by yours truly!Replete with humor and honest insightÖ


Into the Cross-Walk, by BIC (actually Bic is just my pen-name; my real name is Mark).




Available in the following formats:



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Download a sample chapter here (pdf) or view here (as a web site)



About me:

Mark graduated in the top 1% of his 5A high school class, is a certified ASE mechanic, and once held a medical degree before the doctor told him to put it back on the wall.Mark is a devout born-again Christian who has perfected his own recipes for home-brewed coffee and all-grain beer, and has been playing the bass guitar since 1984.Besides writing, he is an avid programmer, a dog lover, has a really cool car and likes to start lots of interesting hobbies, and then abandon them.Markís an interesting guy, if a little crazyÖ


Other links of interest:


I started a new blog!Go to http://www.ls1m.com/blog to see more of my writing; some funny, some notÖ


How to Build a Concrete Storm Shelter: Information can be found here.Itís my response to the Stuck-In-Traffic-For-36-hours-over-two-days-Rita-evacuation-fiasco-Iím-NEVER-doing-that-again experience.


Bible study: Chuck Missler has forgotten more than Iíll ever know about the Bible.Visit his site here.Iíve actually started tithing there because I learn more from him than any church, and since Iím a pureblood Baptist backslider and donít go to church any more, well, the money has to go somewhereÖ


How to Shock a Swimming Pool: I learned a lot about swimming pools.My pool was a dark green at the start of the season, but Iíve documented step-by-step how I went from green sludge, to sparkling blue!Read about it here.


PVC Pool Ladder: Iíve done a lot to improve my above-ground pool.I added a skimmer, ran some PVC to a concrete pad where I have a sand filter and a salt-water chlorine generator, built a deck, and perhaps the best thing I did was build my own ladder.You can see a video of my entire setup here.


OBD2 Scan Tool users: the LS1M scanner is out of production.See links at left for support information.Iím very proud of this project of mine.I sold over 500 of these babies all over the world, which I built & programmed myself, but even at $200 a pop, it wasnít worth the sleep depravation.


All-Grain Beer Homebrewing: Please see my Youtube videos here.

I would also recommend the homebrew talk forums here,

Brewmaster warehouse is located here,

And you can download my spreadsheet here.

I sold all of my beer-making equipment, though.It was turning me into an alcoholic.


Home-Roasting Coffee: Please see my Youtube videos here.

Coffee purchased here.


Camaro information: The best resource Iíve found is the LS1Tech forum located here.